Chéla Breckon is a business leadership expert and owner of With Chéla Inc. – a consulting firm which specializes in team-based strategy development, welcoming communities, change management, leadership training, and capacity building for more effective teams and valuation of people within organizations. Working alongside her father in the field of nuclear power and engineering, she gained valuable experience with project management but eventually chose to pivot the firm towards community development work here in Eastern Ontario. Working with clients in broad sectors including municipal governments, advocacy, charity, military personnel support, and entrepreneurship, Chéla has led change and improved outcomes for these organizations and also for those they serve. Chéla coaches employers, leaders and agencies providing services on how to proactively address current labour market trends and realities. Specializing in recruitment and retention tactics, Chéla helps to empower leaders to nurture their most valuable asset – their people. In a time where skilled labour shortages are emerging, mismatched jobs and skills prevail, and as Canada shifts towards a freelance or gig economy, leaders need to adapt to these changes. Candidates will soon have control over the job market, and the best workplaces and leaders will win. It is Chéla’s mission to help rural communities and leaders adapt and thrive as the region’s workforce and economy changes by enhancing leadership capacity and challenging the status quo human resource practices with innovative behavioural approaches.This experience brought her to Algonquin College where she leads the settlement and integration portfolio at the Pembroke Campus as an agent for change in Eastern Ontario with a strong focus on rural community development, sustainable participation, and long lasting impact. As a licensed Inter-Cultural Competency Trainer, Chéla also brings expertise to the organizations, employers, and communities she works with who are looking to improve their interactions and effectiveness engaging with a variety of diverse groups. Her robust background in leadership and the design of program models presents a unique opportunity for her work to reflect corporate and start-up tactics in the non-profit and community development environment. Chéla brings passion and expertise to help nurture positive and collaborative environments centred on a proactive and purposeful approach, which is designed to shift challenges into opportunities for the communities she works with.

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